Corporate Office

SECURA Insurance

Designed to focus on employee wellness and satisfaction, the new corporate headquarters for this established insurance company is intended to position them for growth over the next one hundred years.

The project is targeting WELL Building Certification, which addresses a broad range of factors influencing the health and well-being of building occupants. For a significant portion of the open and private office spaces, Pivotal developed 3D visualizations, illuminance calculations, and other analyses to meet the WELL Building Standard criteria. Various metrics were evaluated, including melanopic light intensity, color quality, brightness uniformity ratios , lamp shielding, and glare minimization, along with further architectural coordination to address daylight management.

In addition to the office space, Pivotal is providing lighting design services for site amenities including an exterior dining terrace. Interior amenities include executive offices, training rooms, team collaboration spaces, an in-house corporate dining facility, and an employee fitness center.